My Story

Hi! I’m Megan | Lover of life, princess of positivity and creator of Out of the Box Photography.

Welcome to my happy place. I thought you might like to know how I got here so this is my story. It’s a long one, but it’s worth it.

I have vague memories of always being the one at family gatherings and special occasions to take happy snaps. We didn’t have digital or phone cameras way back then so I fondly remember collecting rolls of film to take to the photographic store to be developed. It was always fun to see what came out of a 36 roll of film. The thought of not being able to instantly see my work now terrifies me, but that’s a story for another day.

In 2010, I celebrated my 30th birthday just four weeks before my first niece Charli was born to my sister and her husband. With the excitement of their first grandchild on the way, Mum and Dad offered to buy me a ‘good’ camera for my birthday so I could take photos of the little one when she arrived. I gladly accepted this special job with absolutely no idea where the journey would take me.

Just 4 hours after Charli was born, I was at the hospital snapping away at her tiny little feet and hands, her sweet little belly button, her cute nose. I was instantly in love with her and equally in love with capturing every single detail with my camera. The next morning I delivered a collage of printed images to my sister at the hospital and seeing her reaction made me realise just how important my job had been. I had captured those very first precious moments for my family – pictures they will have forever to remind them of this incredible time in their lives. I was hooked.

From that moment on, I dove head first into learning everything I could about photography. I started studying at the Centre for Creative Photography. I attended numerous online courses and workshops. I photographed anything and everything I could get my hands on and eventually started working with a mentor.

I knew instantly that I preferred to photograph people and very shortly after starting on my journey I discovered I really loved to capture emotion in an image. I wasn’t your traditional ‘say cheese and smile’ photographer. I thrived on watching families play and capturing the moments that just happened naturally.

For 3 years I photographed it all – weddings, engagements, birthday parties, families. If there were people, I was there capturing the action! However I soon realised my true passion was photographing families and that is where I now focus all my attention.

In January 2016 I welcomed my son Thomas into the world and that changed everything. All of a sudden I was living what I’d witnessed and photographed for the families I’d worked with. I was watching this little person grow so fast. So, so fast!

During the early weeks I spent lots of time photographing Mr T, but when the adrenalin kick diminished and the sleep deprivation really kicked in, I stopped. I look back on my galleries now and realise there are 2-3 months where I didn’t get the camera out at all (except to record the obligatory monthly photo for fb!)

Seeing how much my little man had changed during three short months amazed me, but it’s been during these most recent months that I’ve really noticed how quickly time flies.

In the blink of an eye, I went from having a bum-shuffling ‘baby’ (he never crawled!) to a walking, talking little human. One day recently I noticed his little feet were all of a sudden touching the foot shelf of his high-chair – when on earth did that happen?!

I now have to move things further away from the edge of the kitchen bench because he can reach them. He’s jumping on the bed. He’s opening and closing doors with purpose. He’s climbing the stairs. Every day he learns something new and it blows my mind.

Seeing him change so significantly in his environment got me really passionate about documentary family photography. I realised I wanted to document Thomas in his environment so I could reflect back on the changes later. Instead of photos of him smiling at the camera in a random park, I want to have pictures of him doing things in his space. I want pictures of him in our home with his toys so he will always have memories of where he grew up and what life was like.

This desire to document life has carried over into my professional work too. I am desperate to document those same things for the families I photograph so they too don’t miss a thing.

I want to capture pictures of families in their own unique, perfectly imperfect worlds.

I want to capture the chaos, the crazy, the unique.

I want mums to be in the photographs.

I want the pet dog, cat, fish or turtle to be there too.

I want to tell stories. Real stories.

I want to capture emotion. Joy, love, tears, tantrums and everything in between.

I want to give families the opportunity to indulge in family time and to celebrate the very rituals that make them special.

I want future generations to be able to look back through albums of pictures and laugh about what they were wearing, what the couch looked like, how they wore their hair.

This friends, is my story. I’m so excited. I’m so fulfilled. I’m ready to capture the beauty in your everyday because my heart belongs here.

Much love, Megan x