At Home with Baby | Adelaide Family Photographer

As I’ve continued on my photography journey, I’ve slowly refined my style and I’ve found that what I love the most is to capture life as it is. You know, those precious moments you share with your family while you’re in the comfort of your own home… the massive snuggles, the funny faces, the giggles that make you feel like you’re splitting your sides! These are the moments I love to capture so when the weather looked as though it was going to ruin our plans for a garden session, I suggested we just do the photos at home. Admittedly this was met with a bit of scepticism… when I arrived I was handed master 7 months for a snuggle (my favourite part of any session!) and I set off around the house looking for the best spots. I’ll never forget dad telling me this wouldn’t work, that there was no way their house was good enough for a photo session, but I waved him off confident that the house would be perfect. And it was. This sessions is absolutely one of my favourites! The photos stop me in my tracks every time I see them because there is no doubt these guys love each other to the moon and back. They look so relaxed and happy – no stiff, awkward photos of mum and dad trying to get baby to look at the camera for a posed family photo. Yes, this is my style – capturing beautiful, perfect life. Just as we know it.


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