Baby A | Adelaide Newborn Lifestyle Photography

Before meeting Baby A, I was 1000% convinced I was never going to have another baby. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mummy and my Mr T is the bomb, but gosh it’s hard work. So much harder than I ever expected. All the other mums would chuckle at me, saying you wait until T is one, then it gets easier and you’ll start getting clucky all over again. T turned one 6 days before this session and I still couldn’t fathom the idea of ever wanting another baby and then… I met this little darling. Within minutes I was a clucky mess of chicken feathers – his fresh newborn sweetness got me hook, line and sinker! It helped that he was an absolute angel for the whole session. So chilled out and relaxed. Watching this family playing together with so much love had me totally convinced that having two is a piece of cake (thanks for nothing Kel – tee hee!) I’m sure you’ll also agree they make it look easy <3. Newborn-baby-boy-at-home-lifestyle-photography-1

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