Baby, Baby | Adelaide Newborn Photography

Just over 12 months ago I was photographing Pete and Bianca on their wedding day – a stunning couple on a perfect day. That was a good day, but seriously nothing could beat the perfection of meeting their darling newborn baby boy Jordan recently. He is adorable beyond words! I spent the most gorgeous morning just hanging out with this brand new family and watching the love spill out around them. At only 11 days new, it is clear that Jordan has stolen his mummy and daddy’s heart (and mine too I’m not afraid to admit!) and Pete and Bianca have settled into parenthood like naturals. I felt so blessed to share so many special moments in their home. And the really good news is that I’ll be right there to watch little Jordan grow during his 4 month, 8 month and 12 month sessions. Yippee! Thank you for having me Hum family xx


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