Hello handsome | Adelaide Newborn Photography

If I had a dream family photography session, this would be it. Slowly but surely I’ve found my photography style becoming more documentary. I relish the opportunity to go into homes and just photograph their lives. All the love and joy mixed with the mess and crazy that makes each family unit so special and unique.

When I photographed Miss 2 in this exact same house 2 years ago, I was terrified of how dark the space was. I was craving the ‘perfect’ light. The final images were absolutely beautiful, but this time I felt different. This time I couldn’t wait to get in there and utilise the stunning available light in each room, while embracing the shadows. The added bonus for me was the visit to the vegetable garden and the craft session, giving me a wonderful opportunity to document this family’s lives. My heart fills with joy when I scroll through these images. I remember the fun they were having, the laughter, the love and the gentleness.

As always, it was an absolute pleasure spending time with you Hayes Family. I just love that i was able to capture these beautiful memories for you xx






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