Letter to Baby Hearn | 34 weeks in my belly


Tuesday 8 December 2016

Dear Baby Hearn

Today I have carried you safely in my tummy for a total of 34 weeks. yet it feels like I’ve known you forever. Your daddy and I talk to you every day, but today I wanted to share a few things with you before we finally get to meet you.

I think I knew you were there the minute you arrived. We were preparing for our honeymoon to France and Spain and I could feel you with me. I prayed you were there.

When we arrived at our apartment in Paris we found out for sure that we were going to become parents to you. You’d been growing for 5 weeks and our hearts were overflowing with love for you already. Even though you were no bigger than a poppy seed, we nicknamed you sultana.

It seems fitting that I now write to you just 5 short weeks before we finally get to meet you.

You are our little wrigglepot. From the moment I could feel you move at 18 weeks, you have spent your days entertaining me with your dance moves. You don’t have much room to move now so you send us into giggles when we see a foot or your tiny bottom pop out to the side making my belly look lopsided.

I smile every time I feel you move. I’ll miss the wake-up wriggles I get every morning and the thank you for finally sitting down and resting movements each afternoon. But soon you will be here with us and that will be an even better adventure.

We wonder about you every day.

Are you a little boy or a little girl?
Will you be cheeky (we have no doubt!) or shy?
Will you have daddy’s nose or mummy’s lips?
Will you sleep soundly or keep us awake all night?

One thing we know for sure is that you are loved. You are loved beyond anything imaginable.

I thought perhaps you should know a bit about your mummy and daddy before you arrive.

I’m your mummy. I am passionate, loving and full of energy. I aim to live life to the fullest, to find the positives in every single thing that comes our way. I spend my days photographing beautiful families and I absolutely cannot wait to capture photographs of all of your special moments. I do promise to not always have the camera in front of my face though.

Your daddy is my best friend, my rock and the love of my life. He is a strong man who works hard to make sure we get the best of everything. He spends his days cleaning and looking after swimming pools. He is an exceptionally clever business man. He is also the most generous and loving daddy you will ever find. Whenever he puts his hands on my belly to feel you move, you promptly fall asleep. I can imagine you will have lots of long, lovely cuddles with your daddy very soon.

Baby Hearn, you have already brought us so much joy and as we prepare for your arrival we can only continue to dream of touching your tiny toes and feeling your little fingers wrapped around ours and feeling the excitement of soon being able to shower you with all the love and kisses we’ve got ready for you.

Keep growing big and strong little one and we will see you very soon.

Love Mummy and Daddy x

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