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This year I have committed myself to a small personal photography project… to capture a photo a day of my sweet little Thomas for the month of January. January is his birthday month (I’ll have a one year old in two weeks!) so it seems fitting to capture this perfect little bundle as he grows and changes every year at this time.
Today we took him to the Hahndorf Farm Barn and witnessing the wonder and delight on his tiny face as he met new animals up close was like watching magic unfold. I often watch him and wonder what he’s thinking. What he’d say if he could speak. Thank you for giving us this gift Mr T. You are a joy to spend our days with.


One of the things that has inspired me to undertake a daily photography project is that I hope the experience will help me develop my creativity. Finding precious moments to capture each day is easy with this spunk by my side, but I really want to push the boundaries with light and shadow and composition.

Today we were at the Old Gum Tree playground with family. I took loads of shots of Thomas on the swing. They were cute photos, but I felt like I wanted more from today’s image. Next we played in an area that had a plastic wall with holes in it. I hid on one side while my husband was with Thomas on the other. I was calling his name and he was trying to find me. Then this moment happened. He spotted me through the hole and his little face lit up with this precious smile. My heart melted and I knew this was my image. I absolutely love it!

Thank you for following along on this journey. I hope you will enjoy the images as much as I am enjoying creating them x


DAY THREE | 3 January 2017
Opening and closing doors. Hours of entertainment*.
*Until mummy turns her back for 34 seconds and you decide to start climbing the stairs! Thanks for the momentary heart failure Mr T.


DAY FOUR | 4 January 2017
What teething all four molars at once looks like for an otherwise super happy little guy* :-(.
*Granted it was also one minute past his dinner time and we were still taking photos so I get it.
The little tanti lasted a whole 28 seconds and then it was back to normal, but it just goes to show not everything is perfect. I actually love this moment because it really defines our here and now. 6 weeks of sleepless nights, pain relief and whinging (and a couple more still to come I suspect!) Teething is like the devil for little babies, but especially those nasty molars.


DAY FIVE | 5 January 2017
Sometimes this is the only moment of peace and quiet we have in a whole day. We don’t watch too much TV, but after Mr T’s bottle each morning we indulge in The Wiggles and boy does this kid love The Wiggles (and his bottle)


DAY SIX | 6 January 2017
Heat wave, family and the beach. Best night.


DAY SEVEN | 7 January 2017
The trek up our flight of stairs had happened no less than 5 times by now. Each time, getting quicker and more efficient. I have mixed emotions about this. I love watching him grow and am so proud of the way he’s climbing, but heavens it’s terrifying for this mumma!
For those that are wondering, we have a baby gate, but we also believe it’s really important for Mr T to learn how to safely climb and we never let him climb without one of us being one step behind :-). Go buddy, go.


DAY EIGHT | 8 January 2017
Quiet chats with Grandma (ma-ma).
Mr T is so lucky to be blessed with two wonderful Grandmas and one very special Grandpa (with a big job!) Every Sunday fortnight he gets a sleepover with his Grandparents Hammond where I’m sure he’s spoiled rotten. The bond he shares with them is already so strong and I will cherish this special memory forever. My heart is full to the brim.


DAY NINE | 9 January 2017
Ta-da! Just like the song says, he has a smile that could light up New York City.


DAY TEN | 10 January 2017
Expert remote control thief. The cutest one I ever did see ????.


DAY ELEVEN | 11 January 2017
I didn’t take many photos today. You see Mr T starts at Family Day Care tomorrow so I wanted to soak up every second with him today.
I packed his bag earlier this afternoon and my heart felt so heavy. I know he will be fine. In fact, I know he will thrive, but it doesn’t make it any easier. The mum guilt is working overtime.
So tonight my little love, while I watch you sleep, I wish you the sweetest of dreams. I hope and pray that tomorrow brings you only sunshine and lollipops x


DAY TWELVE | 12 January 2017
Yeehaa! We’re celebrating the extreme success of our first day at family day care today. Celebrating because we were a perfect angel and we had the bestest time. Tonight mummy is very happy and relaxed. It was sunshine and lollipops after all


DAY THIRTEEN | 13 January 2017
Checking out the world from a whole new perspective after our first ever ride in a trolley. And mummy was enjoying the dreamy light of the underground carpark. Win. Win.


DAY SIXTEEN | 16 January 2017
Happy 1st birthday sweet boy. You are our greatest success and we couldn’t be more proud of the gentle, loving, cheeky, funny boy you have become. Thank you for choosing us. Love M&D xx


DAY SEVENTEEN | 17 January 2017
Big boys get to ride in the car facing forward and he’s just a little bit happy about that! Throwing smiles around left, right and centre ????.


DAY EIGHTEEN | 18 January 2017
Oh, the places you’ll go little one.


DAY NINETEEN | 19 January 2017
Those hot day in the paddling pool feels.


DAY TWENTY | 20 January 2017
What the car ride home from day care looks like when you’ve chosen not to have an afternoon sleep.
I’m keen to know when my little monkey will finally realise that sleep is a good thing. Just ask mummy, she’ll tell you (not that she can remember!)


DAY TWENTY ONE | 21 January 2017
As individuals I love you more than all the stars.
Together my love for you is immeasurable.


DAY TWENTY TWO | 22 January 2017
Today we just hung out. You, me and daddy.
We played.
You climbed.
We kissed.
We cuddled.
We read books.
You balanced.
We tickled.
We laughed.
We explored.
You shouted ‘car’. A lot.
Today was awesome.


DAY TWENTY THREE | 23 January 2017
There are a lot of firsts for a one year old.
We’ve been practicing for a couple of weeks, but today at Grandma’s, you dipped your spoon in the yoghurt and ate the mouthful all on your own.
What a clever cookie.
I wonder what tomorrow’s first will be.


DAY TWENTY FOUR | 24 January 2017
Our view of Thomas for most of the day – ‘upside down!’


DAY TWENTY FIVE | 25 January 2017
‘Aunty Megan, he’s so special he could be in a treasure chest’ – Charli, 6
When it comes to small humans, these two are my favs. My niece Charli was my first small human love and now I have my very own Mr T. Time spent with these two is the best kind of time. Especially when it involves hot chips by the beach! Day 25 was a good one.


DAY TWENTY SIX | 26 January 2017
Teeny tiny toes.
Toes that are growing all the time.
Toes that are helping you learn to walk and climb.
Toes that will soon fill shoes.
Toes that never stop moving unless you’re asleep.
Toes that I kiss every single day.


DAY TWENTY EIGHT | 28 January 2017
Love our little book worm.
This is our caper every single morning after we’ve smashed our bottle. The best.
*I’m playing catch-up after a couple of days away from my computer, but I’ve still been photographing daily. So much fun!


DAY TWENTY NINE | 29 January 2017
Our little heartbreaker doing a spot of gardening on a Sunday morning. I’m sure he couldn’t possibly look any sweeter.


DAY THIRTY ONE | 31 January 2017
Ok, so we’re a day late with the last one and we missed 3 out of 31 photos, but we made it. 31 days of Mr T. Hooray!
I knew I’d enjoy the challenge, but I seriously underestimated how amazing the journey would be. I have loved every second of it – not only finding my inner creative and playing with gorgeous light – but watching our little man grow. He is the most precious gift we have ever been given and now we have a beautiful collection of images to treasure forever.
This project will definitely happen every single January until he leaves home (which is never going to happen btw. Hee, hee).
Many thanks for following along. Your ‘likes’ and comments have motivated me to keep going and keep creating x


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