Welcoming Master O | Adelaide Family Photography

I’m going to start with a little confession. When we had a photographer come to our house to photograph our first born, we were in absolute chaos… the house was a mess, I answered the door with my son on the boob and my husband was still in the shower! Luckily I knew from experience that this is completely normal for a family trying to adjust to life with a new little person so I didn’t beat myself up about it. In fact, it gave me a good deal of insight into what life really is like (I’d just been guessing in the past) so I had all the tools I needed to pre-warn the McWaters family about what to expect. However it seems I didn’t need to worry about these two. I arrived to a stunningly clean and tidy house, baby fast asleep and mum and dad snuggling on the couch (well not really, but let’s not let the truth get in the way of a good story – tee hee!) Honestly these guys made having a 9 day old look so easy! Of course it’s never as easy as it seems, but boy they’re doing an amazing job of being new parents.

I had such a blast hanging out with them. Master O was just divine. A super alert little fella who doesn’t want to miss a thing, but I don’t need a sleepy newborn to make amazing pictures. I just need 3 people (plus a cat!) and loads of love and that’s exactly what I got. I just adore the images from this session. From the funny faces to the sleepy cuddles, it had everything required for a perfect newborn lifestyle photography session. And the best news?! I get to watch Master O grow as part of my Baby’s First Year package. So exciting! See you in a few months gorgeous boy xx



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